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Caring for your flowers

To get the best vase life out of your flowers, follow these simple tips

For a handtied bouquet or handtied posy

  • Unwrap your flowers as soon as you can. Snip the string or raffia tying the bouquet
  • The material wrapping your bouquet is recyclable (or in some cases, reusable)
  • Take a clean vase or container and fill with clean cool water
  • Add flower food to the water if it has been provided with your bouquet (note that I don’t always provide flower food as some bouquets last just as well without it!)
  • Recut each stem at a sharp angle (so that the stem finishes in a sharp point) taking off a few cm’s with clean scissors or strong secateurs for woody stems.
  • Make sure there are no leaves submerged under the waterline. You can snip these off with scissors.
  • Arrange the stems in the vase to your liking
  • Display the vase out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat
  • Display away from the fruit bowl as fruit gives off a gas which speeds up the decaying process
  • Keep out of draughts
  • Every other day, take out the flowers, clean the vase and add fresh cool water, recut the stems by a few more cm’s and replace in the vase
  • Remove any stems that are fading as these will speed up the decay of the remaining stems.
  • Never mix new flowers with older stems
  • Vase life depends on the type of flowers and how well you care for them
  • When your flowers have finished, discard them in your compost or household waste

For a hatbox design, a design in floral foam or a design in ‘Agrawool’

  • Display the design out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat
  • Keep out of draughts
  • Place the design on a plate or mat to protect your surfaces just in case of any water leakage from the container
  • Keep away from fruit
  • Every other day (more frequently if the weather is warm and dry), add a small amount (about 25ml) of clean, cool water to the arrangement taking care to not wet the container or to splash the flower heads
  • Remove any fading stems to prolong the life of the remaining stems
  • When the flowers have finished, discard them in your compost or household waste. Floral foam cannot be composted and should be disposed of in the household waste. Agrawool can be composted. The container or hatbox can be kept and reused. Hatboxes make a pretty keepsake box for storing memories.

For a posy jar or jam jar pair

  • You can remove the tissue paper from your posy jar if you like, or leave it on if you prefer
  • For delivery, I sometimes keep the water level in your jar(s) a little low – check the level and add more fresh, clean water if necessary
  • Display the design(s) out of direct sunlight, away from heat sources and draughts and away from fruit
  • Refresh the water every other day – lift out the flowers, rinse the jar(s) and add fresh clean water, replace the flowers
  • Remove any fading stems to prolong the life of the rest of the flowers
  • Discard the flowers in your home compost or household waste when they have finished
  • Recycle or reuse your jars – I always welcome returned jars and if you return and order again, I’ll add extra stems to your order as a little thank you.

Problems with your flowers (Returns Policy)

Flowers are a natural and variable product. They may be expected to last for up to 5 days with the extra care steps shown above. You must inform me by telephone within 24 hours of delivery if there is a problem with your flowers. I am always happy to help with tips to perk them up or to provide a replacement if necessary, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you’re not 100% satisfied. The original item must be returned if a replacement is requested – this is so that I can report and potentially return any unsatisfactory stems to my wholesalers. A refund will be declined under all but the most exceptional of circumstances – instead you can request a replacement of your item(s) to the same value or credit note to the same value for redeeming at a later date (within 1 year).

Tips for stems that need reviving

Even the freshest of stems can occasionally unexpectedly fade faster than usual. Sometimes this can be due to an ‘air bubble’ inside the stem which prevents water reaching the head. This causes premature wilting, soft or floppy heads. It can often be solved with a short sharp dip of the very tips of the stems in a cup of boiling water for just a few seconds. You’ll see tiny air bubbles escaping from the bottom of the stems. Then plunge the stems back into deep, cold, clean water and allow time to recover. It may take another 6-12 hours for them to pick up. Very woody stems can benefit from cutting a slit into the end of the stem to allow more surface area for water absorption.

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