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A beautiful hand-tied and wrapped bouquet created with a dozen luxury roses, a pretty selection of accent flowers and lush foliage.

Rose and accent flower varieties may differ slightly from photographs depending on availability and therefore there may be slight colour variations. Foliage may also differ in variety and colour.  Any vases or containers shown in the photographs are not included.  Note that ‘Blush’ bouquet may include pinks, nude colours, buffs, and/or darker pinks.  The ‘Purple’ bouquet may include paler lilacs. ‘Orange’ bouquet may include apricot tones.

These bouquets require at least 3 days notice if you want to specify the rose colour to allow time for their delivery from my wholesaler.  If you’re happy to allow me to create a pretty mix of a dozen from colours already fresh in stock, please select ‘Florists Choice’ and your bouquet will be available for delivery more quickly.

In the ‘Language of Flowers’, a tradition of giving a message to the recipient by selecting the colours and flowers in a gift bouquet has attributed deep meaning to flowers for thousands of years.  In Victorian times the meanings of flower gifts soared in popularity.

Here’s what the Victorians think your gift choices say about how you feel –

White roses – purity, chastity, innocence, youth, young love, new beginnings and eternal loyalty

Red roses – passion, true love, desire, “I love you”

Pink/blush roses – femininity, elegance, refinement, romance, congratulations, gentleness, joy, happiness and gratitude

Yellow roses – friendship, caring, happiness, delight, warmth, good luck, welcome back and remember me

Orange roses – pride, admiration, excitement, enthusiasm, energised, full of life, vitality, desire and fascination

Purple/lilac roses – enchantment, wonder, mystery, love at first sight, loyalty, admiration and respect

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Please note that I do not wrap my bouquets in cellophane or plastic wrapping, or put them in cellophane ‘aquapacs’, plastic coated gift boxes or bags.  Instead, I select tissue paper in lovely contrasting or toning colours and tie with rafia or ribbon depending on the bouquet you have ordered. This not only reduces the amount of waste, it also means more of your money goes on flowers and on pretty, reusable accessories instead of plastic.  All my bouquets come with a handmade paper gift tag handwritten with your message and attached with a tiny wooden clothes peg.

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White, Red, Blush, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pastel Mixed, Florists Choice


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