‘English Country Garden’


Luxury silk flower arrangement in vintage bowl

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Luxury silk flowers in an Art Deco ‘Crown Ducal’ vintage bowl in the beautiful ‘Rosemary’ pattern design.  This unique design is in a gorgeous rare vintage bowl which is in perfect condition.  The high quality, country garden style silk flowers complement the colours of the bowl beautifully and have a realistic look and feel.

The flower selection includes buttercream coloured cabbage roses, in full bloom and in bud, delicate bluebells and pale blue scabious.  Attention to detail is key to how realistic a faux flower arrangement appears – and this one has all the tiny details.  Finished with trails of ivy, soft natural-textured moss and lichen covered twigs.

This long-lasting arrangement makes the perfect gift for a birthday or Christmas.  This is a one-off design – once it’s gone, it’s gone and you will not find anything like this in high street shops.


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