Minimalist Christmas Wreath – Moss and Larch


Unique minimalist design with clean lines and simple, natural beauty

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Designed with the modern and minimalist home in mind, this wreath is stunning in it’s simplicity.

Sustainably made from a copper wreath base covered in sphagnum moss and then a layer of flat ‘sheet moss’ which will stay green and continue to grow if kept damp.

The clean lines of the soft green wreath are enhanced with the natural beauty of larch cones and branches, sweeping across the wreath in a gentle arc.

A very long lasting wreath, this will grace any modern doorway well into the spring (even lasting till next winter if looked after properly!).  If the wreath dries out, it can be revived with a spray of fresh water.  As the moss grows, it can be carefully trimmed with a small pair of scissors, or simply left to soften the edges of the wreath.

The wreath is shown here hanging with a broad green organza ribbon, but any colour or style of ribbon or hessian hanging can be requested on the checkout page if you would rather have a different style.  The wreath has a wire loop if you would rather hang directly on a hook on the door with no ribbon hanging to distract from the clean outline.

The wreath is unique – I have only one available, but I can make similar, minimalist styles to order.


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